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suspension by destiny allisonDestiny Allison

"The language I use is the language of shape. I have discovered, through years of teaching and application, that sculptural expression takes its root in the symbolism of geometric form. Each of us responds to shapes based on our personal experience of them."

While Allison's relationship with art dates back to her childhood when art was constantly discussed and debated by her father, a writer, and her mother, a painter, she is predominately a self-taught artist. Allison's formal education was at American University, Washington D.C. and the Massachusetts College of Art and The Art Institute both of Boston, MA.

Dedication, tenacity, and what she calls "down right stubbornness" have yielded Allison's current success. Over the last thirteen years, Allison has worked in bronze, stone and steel.

Commissioned works can be seen in schools, churches, museums and government buildings across the country. Allison is currently represented by renowned galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ojai, California and Middleburg, Virginia.

In the past year, she installed a major public work for the town of Clinton, Oklahoma, was nominated as president of the board of the New Mexico Sculptors Guild and received two awards of excellence for her innovative work in steel. Most recently, Allison was awarded first place in sculpture at the Riverwalk Fine Art Festival.

Above: Suspension
Bronze 12"h x 3"w x 3"d

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earth inside by Destiny Allison
by Destiny Allison
angel by Destiny Allison  
self realization by Destiny Allison gemini by Destiny Allison morning by Destiny Allison  

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