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Scott Amrhein

Scott Amrhein says "It has been said that 'man cannot duplicate nature, but only represent it.' I hope every piece I create, combining natural and man-made materials, is a reflection of that statement. It is the discovery and application of various elemental materials which enables me to create a unique body of work. I want to express not only the fluid, lava-like nature of glass in its molten state, but also the finely polished material that man has created from sand and ash. The absence of primary colors and the simplicity of design are the

trademarks of the pieces. It must be noted that since heat and gravity form the bowl, no two are exactly alike. I relinquish my control to nature!" For over 25 years Amrhein has been working with glass, first was the love of stained glass he learned from his wife. Next he combined his knowledge of metal casting along with glass for commercial projects. In 1996 Amrhein expanded his creative efforts to include slumped glass bowls. Again, the art form seemed to lead him to develop his own special style and creation - the luminescent bowl. Through a series of experiments, the bowls evolved - each with its unique metallic organic pattern, created as the metallic finish resists gravity when the hot glass slumps in the kiln. To compliment the lustrous bowls, Amrhein has designed several metal bases resulting in a striking presentation.


Kiln formed glass bowl with charred wood and patinated copper pedestal

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oval feather glass bowl w/ metal stand black lumen glass bowl w/ metal stand feather glass bowl w/ metal stand

oval lumen glass bowl w/ metal stand

glass bowl w/ metal stand

oval lumen glass bowl w/ metal stand

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