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sean brown birds

Sean Brown

Sean Brown is known for his whimsical jewelry. Each piece is individually designed by Sean and then hand-cut from clay. Then each piece is hand -painted, glazed, over glazed with 22 karat gold and fired multiple times. Once the firings are complete, mixed media including natural feathers, beads, various metals, and found objects-are incorporated into some designs.

These distinctive processes and materials endow each of his creations with its own unique personality. Seanās shadow boxes use the basic jewelry designs from his pins but are enlarged to twice the size of the jewelry pieces. Colors and combinations of objects and animals can be custom ordered. From childrenās rooms to powder rooms and every room in between, Seanās shadow boxes are a one of a kind unique gift for all who are young at heart.
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sen brown's bird house

sean brown clothesline

sean brown giraffe

sean brown bird on paint brush
sean brown bird nest
sean brown mask with feathers

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Please note that most of these pieces are original, one-of-a-kind works of art.
If a piece you see here is no longer available, we will try to find another that is comparable.