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yellow face vase by Nancy Conley

Nancy Conley

Nancy Conley produces functional stoneware pieces, whimsical wheel-thrown and hand built raku-fired pottery. Bright colors, bold designs, interesting surface textures and innovative shapes are the hallmarks of this unique Arkansas artist.

A graduate of the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville where she received a BA in art and psychology and an MA in psychology, Conley said she always knew clay would be a part of her life.

"I knew that one day I would return to clay and have a pottery studio of my own.

I didn't find my way back to clay until 1991, when I moved to Little Rock and began working as a freelance copy and scriptwriter. Thanks to corporate downsizing, I had an opportunity to invent a life for myself that allows me to create in two mediums...words and forms."

Conley is a member of the Arkansas Artists Registry and has attended numerous workshops by some of the nation's most celebrated potters. In addition to her work being shown At the Gallery, Nancy Conley has exhibited at The Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock, as well as galleries in Seaside, Florida, Hot Springs and North Little Rock, Arkansas.


Yellow Face Vase

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blue top lily by Nancy Conley
ladies face bowl  by Nancy Conley

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