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tree of life

Amy Dallas

Amy Dallas says, "As an artist, I create with the oldest medium known to humans: Stone. Specifically, I work in marble and granite. By sand carving marble and granite tiles, I create low relief two-dimensional art forms. My etchings employ minimalist, linear, feminine forms, the softness of which, contrasts with the hardness of the stone.

The tiles are decorative, and come ready to hang with a plate holder on the back.

Producing the tiles starts with the designing process. All designs are original in concept. My designs are influenced by my travels abroad, my interest in female divinity (or goddesses), and the simple line drawings of Matisse and Picasso. These unique processes have been self-taught, with a lot of experimentation! However, I owe my fine art training to my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and my marble knowledge to the Marble Institute of Colorado."


"Tree of Life"
Absolute Black Granite
12" x 12"

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pueblo by amy dallas

eve by amy dallas

time out by amy dallas

winery by amy dallas
elephants by amy dallas
winery2 by amy dallas
time out by amy dallas
star by amy dallas
nude by amy dallas
boat by amy dallas
stone skipping by amy dallas
dance by amy dallas

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