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Clay Disc 2Jeff Margolin

Jeff Margolin divides his time between studios in San Francisco and Boston. Over the last forty years Margolin has worked with clay as well as experimenting with a multitude of different art forms, but he always finds himself drawn back to his first love, pottery. Margolin’s recent work combines striking sculptural form with detailed, finely etched carvings, reminiscent of hieroglyphics.

To accomplish this, Margolin draws the carving pattern onto the clay while it is still wet using a needle tool. Once drawn, he uses several tools to carve out the pattern and give it varying levels of depth. Later Margolin uses a short bristle paint brush to smooth out the carving marks, giving it a softer look and feel. After the piece has dried, Margolin burnishes it with a smooth crystal stone applied with light pressure over the un-carved portion of the piece resulting in a very smooth mirror-like finish on the clay.

Margolin has taught pottery at the University of California at Berkeley and at MIT.  His work is carried by galleries in Key West, FL, Providence, RI, Sedona, AZ, Santa Fe, NM, and New York City.  Margolin has had exhibitions of his work in numerous California galleries, along with those in Providence, Hartford, Pensacola, Great Neck, Boston and Munich, Germany.

Each disc, vessel or jar is custom made for the client, Height and over-all dimension can be adjusted to buyer's preference. Size can vary from 15" to 36". Discs are in the range of 9" tall by 10" wide.

Above: Disc 2

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Arrow Weave 011 Weave Pot
Clay Jar 1 Clay Jar 2 012
004 City Scape Pot
Celtic Disc Black Coin Spinner 016
  Arrowhead 013


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Please note that most of these pieces are original, one-of-a-kind works of art.
If a piece you see here is no longer available, we will try to find another that is comparable.