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Mixed Media
aloft by John Whitney

John Whitney

John Whitney grew up in a family of artists. His father, William R. Whitney Jr., an accomplished artist, had his work displayed at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. As the Chairman of the Design Department at the University of Kansas, Whitney’s aunt was also a muralist and illustrator of many books and publications. In this artistic environment Whitney spent much of his childhood painting and creating his own watercolors.


John Whitney’s career in the visual arts began in 1960 when he became a stage designer and muralist. He graduated from the University of Kansas and became an accomplished sculptor exhibiting from 1965-1970 in the Jameson Gallery and Collectors’ Gallery in Santa Fe and Gallery A in Taos.

Currently Whitney maintains two studios in Vermont: one for his watercolor and oil painting and one where he creates his figurative, monotype prints which are in demand throughout the United States.


Dry Point (Etching) 6”x8”


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gathering by John Whitney

quartet by by John Whitney

violinist by by John Whitney

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